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Dr. Tam Yat-hung
Dr. Tam Yat-hung obtained his medical degree at the CUHK, master’s degrees in public health and Buddhist studies in Hong Kong and infectious diseases in United Kingdom respectively. 


He worked as specialist in public health medicine for various service units in the Department of Health. Currently, he is the Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Public Health in HKU. He is working as both public health consultant and general practitioner in primary care clinics in the private sector.


With a team of nurses and public health practitioners, Dr Tam is pioneering nurse-led clinics which provide medical services in health management, vaccination and travel health, outreach health care, as well as health education and training services for both the public and healthcare workers 


Dr Tam has been active in the social welfare sector especially in the elderly services through his medical services in residential care homes for the elderly as visiting medical officer, delivering health talks and training to different elderly care centres, as well as home death support for Forget Thee Not. He is also a co-opted member of the Standing Committee on Policy Research & Advocacy, Hong Kong Council of Social Services providing advice on the primary health care development.


With increasing involvement of both social and medical services and witnessing the needs of close partnership between the two sectors, he co-founds with a social worker and serves as Director of the Health and Social Exchange in Hong Kong, a non-profit making organization to provide a platform to support knowledge and experience exchanges between the health and social care sectors, and within different sectors, aiming to promote health and well-being of Hong Kong people.


Ms. Emily Liu 

Ms. Emily Liu is the Health Team Lead of Health in Action. She is a registered nurse with 9 years of post-registration clinical experience including 4 years of local and international community health services. Her focus of work includes health programmes management, intervention design and evaluation. She is currently leading health team towards transdisciplinary approach. Together with the nurses and allied health professionals, she and her team focus on delivering chronic disease screening, identification and intervention. Her other clinical work includes emergency care, cardiac care, maternal and child health. She received postgraduate and post-registration training in public health and primary health care nursing.


Mr. Stan To

Mr. Stan To is a Community Health Nurse of Health in Action. He is a registered nurse with 8 years post registration clinical experience in acute, rehabilitation hospital setting, and 5 years work in community health setting. Having been working in various community organisations, he focuses mainly on health empowerment programmes and case management. With postgraduate training in public health and primary health care nursing, Stan is currently working on strengthening health promotion to individual and family health by designing innovative and practical intervention. He is also a certified dementia planner offering family care plan to the care-givers in the community.


Ms. Anchor Hung

Ms Anchor Hung is a registered social worker with extensive experiences in health and rehabilitation services in Hong Kong. She obtained her bachelor of social work at the Hong Kong Baptist University.  She also obtained her masters’ degree of disability studies in United Kingdom and public health in Hong Kong respectively. She was a social worker and a senior manager in the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation serving persons with chronic illnesses in the community. Ms Hung served as the Vice-chairperson in the Standing Committee on Policy Research & Advocacy, Hong Kong Council of Social Services on the primary healthcare development and worked as Senior Manager in District Health Centres Team, Primary Healthcare Office of Food and Health Bureau. She worked as CEO for Epilepsy Foundation of Hong Kong for the promotion of epilepsy in Hong Kong. 


To further promote cross-sectoral partnership and collaboration among health and social services providers for the enhancement of health and well-being of the Hong Kong population, she volunteers as Co-founder and Director of the Health and Social Exchange of Hong Kong which is a non-profit making organisation.

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